Three Short Novels

by Wendell Berry, 2002

Wonderful writer (Wayne’s Uncle Bob’s favorite writer and became Wayne’s favorite writer). 1. Nathan Coulter; 2. Remembering (Andy Catlett loses his arm); 3. A World Lost (Uncle Andrew’s murder)


by LaVyrle Spencer, 1986

Long novel about 1917-1919 young girl named Linnea, goes to small wheat farming community to be the school teacher. Falls in love with Theodore – 35 years old.

Out to Canaan

by Jan Karon, 1997

A “gentle read” as described by the Fort Collins Public Library, this is the 4th book of the Mitford series. Father Tim is married to Cynthia, a beautiful artist, and their lives are blessed by each other and the love they have for the town and people of Mitford. These books make me want to visit the southeast to see little mountain towns like Mitford. Warm and wonderful characters in a charming setting.

Old Jules

by Mari Sandoz, 1935

Biography by the daughter of a pioneer in Nebraska. I didn’t finish this book because Old Jules was the meanest, cruelest, ugliest man, and when he started being cruel to his 2-year old daughter, I couldn’t read anymore.

Catch 22

by Joseph Heller, 1961

I was not able to continue reading this book after the first chapter or so. Something turned me off so badly, I threw it away. (I had picked it up for free from a garage sale.) However, it is a Pulitzer Prize winner and classic, so maybe I need to give it another try? 

Catch Me If You Can

by Frank Abagnale, 2000

Memoir by the ultimate con-man. What I remember most is that he impersonated airline pilots. With the uniform and the manner, he is able to walk right into the cockpits and convince everyone he is legitimate. Amazing that no one ever got hurt. The guy had guts, that’s for sure!