Gmorning, Gnight: little pep talks for me & you

by Lin-Manuel Miranda, illustrated by Jonny Sun, 2018

Sweet book with inspirational, short, loving messages for the morning and the night. They come from his tweets. He loves Twitter. Here’s an example:


‘You’ve had too many apps open for too long.

‘Close your eyes.

‘Check all systems.

‘Soft reboot.”


‘Don’t wait until low power mode.

Close your eyes.

Close all unnecessary apps.


Here’s another one:

“Good morning.

Do NOT get stuck in the comments section of life today.

Make, do, create the things.

Let others tussle it out.


“Good night.

Don’t let the world’s clickbait pull you off your path.

Unplug, explore, dream new terrain.

The world keeps spinning.

A dormir!” (which means to sleep)

Here’s another one:

“Good morning.

Keep busy while you wait for the miracle.”

“Good night.

Get some rest while you wait for the miracle.”