Category: NonFiction

Isaac’s Storm

by Erik Larson, 1999 Interesting account of the hurricane that struck and almost completely destroyed Galveston, Texas, on September 8, 1900. Told on the basis that the Weather Bureau made grave errors due to pride and ignorance, so Galveston had no warning of its impending doom. Isaac Cline was the Galveston Weather Station’s chief. Over […]


by Joan Johnson and Paul Xanthos for Brown Physical Education Activities Series, 1967 Short book (88 pages) describing everything you need to know about tennis. Under “Values:” Tennis can truly be called the sport of a lifetime, since youngsters can begin at about six years of age and their grandparents may still be playing even […]

The Arrow Writer’s Handbook

The Arrow Writer's Handbook, Scholastic Inc., 2000 Short book (32 pages) for children packed with tips on writing. I particularly liked the tips on how to get more details into your writing: Use names. Think about exact colors, shapes, and sizes. Use comparisons. Notice all the details, even those that might not seem important at […]

Simplify Your Life

100 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy the Things That Really Matter, by Elaine St. James, 1994 Easy to read, fun little how-to book on simplifying your life. Some parts are outdated (“Drop call waiting,” “Stop the Junk Mail,” and “Get rid of your car phone”) and there is no mention of social media, e-mail, […]

God is Closer Than You Think

by John Ortberg, 2005 Great book. First Pres Lenten Study 2010. Wayne led small group: Dave and Norma Brown, Roger and Elizabeth Heins, Al & Rosemary Habernicht, Jim and Linda Wagner, Patrice Quadrel. Started out with a bad attitude because it’s not “The Hole in Our Gospel,” but ended up liking it very much. Especially […]

One Minute Manager

by Stephen Blanchard, PhD; Spencer Johnson, MD, 2003 Carolyn Worden’s notes: Front inside cover, “Help people reach their full potential, catch them doing something right.“ P. 61: You set one minute goals with your people to make sure they know what they are being held accountable for and what good performance looks like. You then […]

The Hole in Our Gospel

by Richard Stearns, 2009 Inspirational! A call to arms!! (Wayne’s book) FANTASTIC BOOK! Biblical truths, stories of the gospel in action, God’s heart for the poor. Everything you ever need to know about what God expects of His people. Full of the truth in plain statistics but also full of hope for what we can […]

The Good Good Pig

by Sy Montgomery, 2006 Very compassionate and animal-loving female author. “Compassion means “with suffering.” Went home to be with Dad when he was dying of cancer even though he had written her off when she married Howard Mansfield (Jewish). Then, her mother, who was really the culprit, got cancer too and again she went home […]

Disappointment with God

by Philip Yancey, 1997 Is God unfair? Is God silent? Is God hidden? Reads Bible from cover to cover in 2 weeks. Analyzes it from those 3 questions. In O.T. God was not silent or hidden – didn’t result in faith or obedience. Jesus – God not unfair, silent, or hidden. Holy Spirit – in […]


by James Michener, 1959 First 1/2 – excellent! Second 1/2 – hard to get through. First-Polynesians from Bora Bora. Then skipped to missionaries from New England. They were good people but prejudiced. Then the Chinese came to work in sugar. Learned about leprosy and Molokai. Then the Japanese came to work. Then WWII – Japanese […]

The Geography of Bliss

by Eric Weiner, 2008 The Netherlands – Happiness is a Number Switzerland – Happiness is Boredom Bhutan – Happiness is a Policy Qatar – Happiness is a Winning Lottery Ticket Iceland – Happiness is Failure Moldova – Happiness is Somewhere Else Thailand – Happiness is Not Thinking Great Britain – Happiness is a Work in […]

Three Cups of Tea

by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin, 2006 Greg was rescued by villagers in remote mountainous area of Pakistan (Korphe) after he tried to climb K2. He promised them he’d build them a school. Was a nurse, lived in storage unit in California. Wrote 580 letters. Only Tom Brokaw gave him $100. An article in […]

In A Far Country

by John Taliaferro, 2006 “The True Story of a Mission, a Marriage, a Murder, and the Remarkable Reindeer Rescue of 1898.” Full of history of the Lopps, Tom & Ellen, who start a mission in Cape Prince of Wales, Alaska, in 1890. Lots of info on whaling, reindeer, natives in Alaska.Very, very interesting. What incredible […]