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How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need by Bill Gates, 2021 Everything you need to know about climate change and what to do about it. We add 51 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere every year. We need to reduce that to 0 or there will be floods, famines, droughts, […]

A Framework for Understanding Poverty

by Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D. Revised edition 2005 Interesting book! Shines a light on how and why students who live in poverty think and behave the way they do; and how teachers, counselors, and administrators can provide the necessary supports which would enable them to move out of poverty. Schools are almost the only hope […]

The Caregiver’s Guide to Dementia

Practical Advice for Caring for Yourself and Your Loved One, by Gail Weatherill, RN, CAEd, 2020 This book is in the “Memory Care Kit, Volume 1” from the Library, that includes 6 books (this book and picture books), a 35-piece puzzle, a music CD and lyrics (songs like Talk to the Animals, Mairzy Doats, and […]

The 36-Hour Day

“A Family Guide for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss,” by Nancy L. Mace, MA, and Peter V. Rabins, MD, MPH, 2017 An easy-to-read guide, covering everything, on how to care for someone with dementia. Reading it makes me realize that Mom is not even close to “there” yet. I would […]

Disappointment River:

Finding and losing the Northwest Passage by Brian Castner, 2018 Well-written book. I almost gave up on it because of the many French and Indian words and names I couldn’t pronounce, but I’m glad I stuck with it. He takes you on the Mackenzie River (the Deh Cho River) through Canada to the Arctic Ocean; […]

Voices of the Colorado Trail

by David W. Fanning, 2017 ( David Fanning is a photographer who posts his photos on Next Door. They are excellent! Many are of owls and other birds. He lives in the Sheely Addition which is near Red Fox Meadows. He was asked if he ever considered writing a bird book and he answered with […]

Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire

by Rebecca Henderson, 2020 I heard about this book from an interview with the author on NPR. She was talking about Walmart and how it changed practices after Hurricane Katrina and became more caring about the environment and their employees, but they did it almost secretly because they didn’t want people to think they would […]

The Reason for God

Belief in an Age of Skepticism, by Timothy Keller, 2008 Another excellent book by Tim Keller. This one explains logically, thoroughly, and beautifully how the God of the Bible exists and is real. In Part 1: The Leap of Doubt, the arguments against God are presented and examined. Chapter titles are: There Can’t Be Just […]

Forgotten God

Reversing our tragic neglect of the Holy Spirit by Francis Chan with Danae Yakoski, 2009 Good book about how we have ignored the Holy Spirit in our American churches and as a result, it’s become irrelevant and is dying. We’ve become consumers of religion an hour or two a week, looking for the best entertainment. […]

Fly Girls

by Keith O’Brien, 2018 Suspenseful non-fiction about 5 women who flew airplanes in the 1920s and 1930s. They battled against much prejudice but held fast to their dreams. The only one I’d heard about, of course, was Amelia Earhart. But there were 4 other women who should have been household names as well: Frances Grayson, […]

More Than Meets the Eye

Fascinating Glimpses of God’s Power and Design, by Richard A. Swenson, M.D., 2000 The intricacies of our bodies and the cosmos all point to an amazingly powerful and wonderful Creator. All of the things scientists discover after painstaking research and years and years of study, God spoke into being out of nothing. And it is […]

The New Map

Energy, Climate, and the Clash of Nations, by Daniel Yergin, 2020 Informative book. Learned that we’ve gone from being worried about running out of oil to being a major exporter of it, mainly as Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). We are one of the big 3 oil producers: USA, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. Also learned that […]

The Sea and the Jungle

by H. M. Tomlinson, 1930 This was a book recommended on the book-a-day calendar that Christie gave me. I almost gave up on it at the start because it was so difficult to read – big words I didn’t know the meaning of, long sentences, etc. But, I hung in there and I’m so glad […]

Hurtling Toward Oblivion

by Richard A. Swenson, M.D., 1999 Wayne read this book; I only read the last chapter (at his instruction) and skimmed some of the other chapters. It’s an interesting theory – as we “Progress,” we also increase the “fallenness” in our world: “Because our world is fallen there is at least something wrong with everything.” […]

Cancer Hates Tea

by Maria Uspenski, Founder of the Tea Spot, 2016 Jennifer bought this book for Chris and Stufi and it looked intriguing so I got it from the library. She recommends 5 cups of green tea per day. She lists food high in Polyphenol antioxidants: Spinach, Acai Berries, Walnuts, Wild Blueberries, Tea Leaf, Goji Berries, Broccoli, […]

This Beautiful Book

by Steve Green with Bill High Steve Green is the president of Hobby Lobby. This book was recommended by Al. It’s a short, sweet little book about the Bible. You can tell Steve Green loves the Bible. I think it would appeal to brand new Christians. It’s a chronological recap of the most important stories […]

The Book of Job

by Stephen Mitchell, 1979, with Introduction 1987 A translation of the book of Job, but he doesn’t include Elihu, saying that it was a later addition and of inferior writing. He also leaves out Chapter 28, the Hymn to Wisdom. He calls God the “Voice in the Whirlwind.” In his Introduction, he talks about the […]

A Tramp Abroad

by Mark Twain, 1880 Delightful tramp through Germany, Switzerland, and Italy with Mark Twain and his mysterious agent, Mr. Harris, in the late 1800’s; funny, beautiful, and educational. The landscapes in Germany and Switzerland are beautiful, except there seem to be some villages in Switzerland that are full of manure (walking through “fertilizer juice.” His […]

Journeys of a Lifetime

500 of the World’s Greatest Trips, National Geographic, Second Edition, 2018 Beautiful “coffee-table” book describing 500 trips by water, road, rail, foot, culture, gourmet, action, flight, or following historical footsteps. I liked the following: Utah: Driving Route 12 from Bryce Canyon to Capitol Reef, highlight is hiking slot canyons and below red rock spires on […]