Category: Fiction

My Sister’s Keeper

by Jodi Picoult, 2003 Interesting: One sister, Kate, has leukemia, and Anna is born to be her donor. Anna decides to go to a lawyer to sue for the rights to her own body when they want her kidney. Loved the lawyer, Campbell Alexander, and his dog, Judge, a seizure dog.

Three Short Novels

by Wendell Berry, 2002 Wonderful writer (Wayne’s Uncle Bob’s favorite writer and became Wayne’s favorite writer). 1. Nathan Coulter; 2. Remembering (Andy Catlett loses his arm); 3. A World Lost (Uncle Andrew’s murder)


by LaVyrle Spencer, 1986 Long novel about 1917-1919 young girl named Linnea, goes to small wheat farming community to be the school teacher. Falls in love with Theodore – 35 years old.

Out to Canaan

by Jan Karon, 1997 A “gentle read” as described by the Fort Collins Public Library, this is the 4th book of the Mitford series. Father Tim is married to Cynthia, a beautiful artist, and their lives are blessed by each other and the love they have for the town and people of Mitford. These books […]

Catch 22

by Joseph Heller, 1961 I was not able to continue reading this book after the first chapter or so. Something turned me off so badly, I threw it away. (I had picked it up for free from a garage sale.) However, it is a Pulitzer Prize winner and classic, so maybe I need to give […]