Pigeon Pie

by Nancy Mitford, 1940

I hope that anybody who is kind enough to read it will remember that it was written before Christmas 1939. Published on 6th May 1940 it was an early and unimportant casualty of the real war which was then beginning.


Paris, 1951

from the dedication page

Fun little mystery set in London at the start of WWII. Lady Sophia, a ditsy, beautiful young lady, eventually saves England by getting word out to the right person about the German spies who kidnapped Sir Ivor King, the beloved King of Song, and Sophia’s beloved French bulldog, Milly. The German spies are caught in the nick of time.

There were English people and phrases which I didn’t understand; like the Blossom, but I just kept reading it anyway. This was a book recommended on the Christie Calendar for 2021. Fun diversion – I love the British!